Cg old paper Solution ||2014

5th Semester

a. The advantage of using computer graphics in office automation are:

    1. Used to create, manipulate office information and data.
    2. Used to generate slides regarding financial, statistical data, etc.

b.The ratio of total vertical pixels to total horizontal pixels is called as aspect ratio.
c.The methods to display color in CRT are:

    1. Beam penetration method
    2. Shadow Mask method

d.The advantages of PHIGS over GKS are:

    • It provides object modeling
    • It provides color specification
    • it provides surface rendering
    • It provides picture manipulation

e.The term Viewing Pipeline describes a series of transformations, which are passed by geometry data to end up as image data being displayed on a device.
f.A key framein animation and filmmaking is a drawing that defines the starting and ending points of any smooth transition
g.The limitation of constant shading are:

    1. In-accurate
    2. Each polygon is rendered in one color

h.difference between

Image space Object Space
Deals with the projected images of the objects Deals with the object directly
It is a discrete method It is a continuous method