Unit 1 Introduction of Computer Graphics

5th Semester


  •  “Computer graphics is generally regarded as a branch of computer science that deals with theory of technology for computerized image synthesis”
  • The purpose of computer graphics is used to represented visual representation of object, activity, values, result, positions and concepts
  • In computer graphics, 2D and 3D images are created by computers that are used for scientific research and in industries to design, test and market products
  • The field computer graphics is used in various fields including business, industry medicine, government, education and training, advertising and research, art and entertainment and communication

Application of Computer Graphics
CAD (Computer-aided design):
CAD is one of the major applications of computer graphics that occurs at the top of the list. These methods or techniques are routinely used in designing of buildings, space crafts, automobiles, computer textile, computer, Animations are often used in CAD application. Real-time animation using wire form display on a video monitor is used to form testing the performance of a vehicle or a system. Animations on a virtual reality environment are used to determine how vehicles operators are affected by certain motions.
 Presentation graphics:
It is used to produce illustrations or repeat to generate 35mm slides used with a projector. Presentation graphics are commonly used to summarize financial, statistical, mathematical and scientific data for recharge report, managerial report and other types of data. Some examples of presentation graphics are bar charts, line charts, surface graph and any type of pictorial representation of data.
 Computer art:

Computer graphics methods are widely used in both fine arts and commercial art applications. To use a variety of computational methods including special purpose hardware, artist paint brush programs, other paint packages, specially developed software, CAD packages, desktop publishing software, animation packages that provide facilities for designing objects, shapes and specified object motions.
One of the prime applications of computer graphics and multimedia is that it is used for digital entertainment purpose. Computer graphics techniques are also used in making motion pictures, music videos and television shows. Sometimes the graphics scenes are displayed by this facility and sometimes the actors and line scenes. However, it is seen that music videos nowadays are using graphics in a very complex way.
Graphics objects can be combined with the line actions and images. Processing techniques can be used to produce a transformation of one person or object into another.

 Education and training:
Applications of computer graphics and multimedia are often used in educational programs. They are used in the physical, financial and economic system as a computer-generated model. Models of a physical system, psychological system, population trends and equipment such as the colour-coded diagram (CCD) can hold training to understand the operations of the system.