DSA 2019

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Q.no 15 The topological sorting for a directed acyclic graph is the linear ordering of vertices. For every edge U-V of a directed graph, the vertex u will come before vertex v in the ordering. Topological sorting is only possible on DAG. […]

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DBMS pre board 2019 Solution

Asian cab Hetauda IMS Morgan Nagarjuna NCC Asian What are the advantages of DBMS ? [Chapter – 1] => The advantages of DBMS are : It is consistent . It has high security measures.  Write down the basic SQL syntax to update a relation. [Chapter – 3] => The basic syntax to  update a relation […]

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History IBM Sequel language developed as part of System R project at the IBM San Jose Research Laboratory Renamed Structured Query Language (SQL) ANSI and ISO standard SQL: SQL-86 SQL-89 SQL-92 SQL:1999 (language name became Y2K compliant!) SQL:2003 Commercial systems offer most, if not all, SQL-92 features, plus varying feature sets from later standards and […]

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First Normal Form (1NF) Each column is unique in 1NF. As per the rule of first normal form, an attribute (column) of a table cannot hold multiple values. It should hold only atomic values. Example: 1 Sample Employee table, it displays employees are working with multiple departments. Employee Age Department Melvin 32 Marketing, Sales Edward […]

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