java solution 2016 Batch pre board Answers

 2016 Batch Asian 2.Write a program passing parameter in applet.Write complete HTML file to include applet.

3.Explain two key swing features. Swing offers two key features: Swing components are lightweight and don’t rely on peers. Swing supports a pluggable look and feel. The three PLAFs available to all users are Metal (default), Windows, and Motif. 4.Write a swing program […]

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Java 2 old Papers Solution 2018 || BIM STUDY NOTES

year 2018   Create a HTML document that contains header information of a page and include this HTML as a header file in header.html

include.jsp <html> <body> <%@include file = “header.html” %> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. </p></body> </html> 3.  Create […]

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Java 2 old Papers Solution 2017 || BIM STUDY NOTES

Year 2017 Group B 2.Write a program to display records from the table “employee” that contains (id, name, post and salary) inside the database “testdb”. 3  Create jsp page to display all odd numbers from 10 to 50 5 Write a servlet to find the reverse of a string.

Group […]

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Java old Papers Solution 2016 || BIM STUDY NOTES

Year 2016 Group B 2 Write a swing program to add two numbers given as input by user. 3 Write an applet to check whether given word by user is of length 5 or not.

4.  Write a JSP program to display ” Apache Tomcat” eight times.

5.  Write a program […]

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