web 2022 Solution || BIM Study Notes

Q.NO 12) javaScript code to check if the given number is multiple of 5 or not

Q.NO 14) HTML code to generate the following table

Q.NO 16 ) Example to show client side validation


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Web 2016 Old paper Solutions

2016 Old  paper    Q.no 12 


Q.no 15

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Web 2017 Old paper Solutions || BIM STUDY NOTES

Year 2017  checkout question in question paper section. //Q.no 11 

Q.no 12

Q.no 13 Write a JavaScript function that takes two strings as arguments and checks them for equality. If both the strings are equal then display the first string in uppercase else return “the two strings do not match”.

  Q.no […]

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Web 2018 old paper Solution || BIM STUDY NOTES

year 2018 Q.no 11 Checkout question from question section.

Q.no 12 . Write a source code to create the login form that contains a textbox for username, a textbox for password and a submit button. Make the following validations (both username and password isrequired and cannot be the same and length should be greater than […]

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Web 2019 old Paper Solution || BIM STUDY NOTES

Q.no 12  & 16 :- checkout in web long answer question page . Q.no 11

Q.no 13

Q.no 14

Q.no 15 checkout image in question paper section.

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