Business communication LAQ

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Business Communications Long Question Answer || BIM Study Notes

Chapter 1

  1. Forms of  Organization Communication .
  2. Explain Grapevine communication.

Chapter 2

  1. Model of communication process
  2. Universal  ingredients of human communication
  3. Fundamental truth of communication

Chapter 3

  1. Define reality and explain its types.
  2. Characteristics of reality? Elaborate any two of them.
  3. What is infinity of reality? How does it affect communication?

Chapter 4

  1. How are viewpoints formed? Elaborate in details.
  2. What is the filter of mind? Explain the role of one of its contents in the interpretation of reality.
  3. Why is brain called storehouse of knowledge? What role does it play in interpreting reality?
  4. What are viewpoints? How do they affect communication.
  5. Define emotions. Explain how they influence our communication.

Chapter 5

  1. Define context. Explain in detail about the two different contexts that determine the meaning of words.
  2. Describe the abstraction ladder along with a suitable figure.

Chapter 6

  1. Barriers (or ) malfunctions of communication
  2. How to overcome two-valued thinking?
  3. How to overcome fact – inference confusion?

chapter 7

  1. Describe principle of clear writing

chapter 8

  1. Qualities of effective Correspondence (Letter)


chapter 9

  1. Types of Memorandums

chapter 15

  1. Parts of a Formal Report

chapter 18

  1. Some techniques that can help us improve public speaking.
  2. Differences between Oral and Written reports

chapter 19


  1. Techniques /guidelines for conducting meeting
  2. Technique / Guidelines for participating in a meeting
  3. Guidelines for the interview
  4. Guideline for the interviewee
  5. Dictating Letters and Reports


chapter 20

  1. classification of non verbal communication