Chapter 4 The filter of Mind


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Long answer question:

  1. How are viewpoints formed? Elaborate in details.
  2. What is the filter of mind? Explain the role of one of its contents in the interpretation of reality.
  3. Why is brain called storehouse of knowledge? What role does it play in interpreting reality?
  4. What are viewpoints? How do they affect communication.
  5. Define emotions. Explain how they influence our communication.

 1. How  Viewpoints  are  Formed?
The study of viewpoints are quite complex task because it is a psychological phenomena. However, they can be formed in five different ways:
A. Through objective reasoning

  •  It is a rational process of taking decision (finding  knowledge).
  •   Most knowledgeable and wise people follow this process before taking decision.
  • But it has also a drawback because most of the time we response to the things on the basis of our feelings than facts- Harold Leavitt
  • Human beings are not always rational.

B.Social strata and viewpoints

  • Social strata plays an important role in  determining the viewpoints.
  • Here social strata refers to the levels of society. That is it divides the people in different backgrounds: religious, economical, racial and gender.
  • So we always form our viewpoints according to the social strata we belong.
  • The experience (knowledge) that we get from social strata affects our viewpoints.

There are five components of social strata that influence our viewpoints:
(I)Economic class

  • It includes: economic status, education and occupation.
  • -Class always shape the thinking of human beings.

(ii) Residence or geography

  • -Geography determines our thinking.
  • -People from different geography think differently.

(iii)Ethnic inheritances

  •  It studies the people’s thought on the basis of their national, religious and racial origin.
  • Thus, this ethnic inheritance shape people psychology and ultimately their thought.

(iv) Sex

  • Sex determines the thinking. For example: male and female’s position in the society

(v) Age

  • Age is also a crucial factor that determines our thinking. People from different age group think differently.

 C.Early Influence of the Family

  • We learn  most of the things from our family (members). And they play an important role in forming our viewpoints through out our life.
  • We are like parrot. We copied from the family members.
  • Our viewpoints on religion, politics and culture are reflected from our families.

D. Change Effects of Group

  • Some of our viewpoints may later be changed according to the groups (friends, social and religious, political etc.) we belong to.
  • We speak and behave according to the group we belong.
  • Here, somehow we may either correct our thought or may change it.
  • When we change the group we adopt the viewpoint of the new group.

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