Java Old Paper solution || 2019

5th Semester

Group B 3 6

How is servlet depoyed ? Explain.

Servlets are usually deployed in web containers, such as Apache Tomcat. The web container provides an environment for servlets to run in, managing threading, connection pooling, security, and other services. When a web server receives a request for a servlet, it passes the request to the corresponding servlet container. The container then loads the servlet (if it is not already loaded) and executes it. The servlet accesses the request parameters and headers, and generates a response. The response is passed back to the web server, which in turn passes it on to the client. 8

JTable is a Swing component that displays a tabular view of data. It is used to display and edit data in a tabular format. It is a powerful component that allows you to quickly and easily create tables with data from a variety of sources.


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