C programming 2013

2013   Q.no 3

Q.no. 4

Q.no 5

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C programming 2014

year 2014 Q.no 3 Write function that display the factorial of 7 only.

Q.no 4 Write program that takes string as input from the user, and then display the length.

Q.no 5 Write a program to display the following pattern. * # * # * ? ? * ? ? +

Group […]

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c programming 2017

Year 2017 2.Write a program to add four integer taken from user  

3. Explain dynamic memory allocation with example The concept of dynamic memory allocation in c language enables the C programmer to allocate memory at runtime. Dynamic memory allocation in c language is possible by 4 functions of stdlib.h header file. malloc():-allocates […]

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c programming 2018 Makeup

Year 2018 Makeup Write a program to print transpose of a given matrix.

Write a C program to read the file “hello.txt” and count the number of characters written in this file.

  Write a function to calculate the factorial value of the given number.

  Write a program to read n […]

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c programming 2018

Year 2018 Group B 2.Write a program to input two integer as arguments and display sum of those numbers //i am using arguments without return type

  write a program to write “hello world” to file hello.dat  

Write a program for nested structure

  Write a program to input on integer […]

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