C programming 2014

2nd Semester

year 2014
Q.no 3 Write function that display the factorial of 7 only.

Q.no 4 Write program that takes string as input from the user, and then display the length.

Q.no 5 Write a program to display the following pattern.
* #
* #
* ? ?
* ? ? +

Group “c”

Q.no 7 Write function that takes string from the user, if the length is 7, then display the middle character of that string and function returns, otherwise user is asked to input another string.

Q.No. 8 Write program that stores the information of students in a file. In this file new records of the students can be added without affecting the existing records of the students. Students have name, age and address as attributes.

Q.No. 9 Write program which displays sum of all the elements of a 3D array.

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