Cg old Paper Solution ||2015

5th Semester

a. Three applications of computer graphics are:
i. 3D animation
ii. Computer Aided Design
iii. Education and Training
c. Horizontal retrace refers to the beam moving back to the left at the end of each line.
d. Ambient light is the light that enters a room and bounces multiple times around the room before lighting a particular object. Ambient light contribution depends on the light’s ambient color and the ambient’s material color.
Specular light is the white highlight reflection seen on smooth, shiny objects. Specular light is dependent on the direction of the light, the surface normal and the viewer location.

e. The advantages of GKS are:
i. It provides improved algorithm
ii. It makes system portable
iii. Rewriting of code is not required
f. The reason to implement homogeneous coordinate system in transformation because they allow common vector operations such as translation, rotation, scaling and perspective projection to be represented as a matrix by which the vector is multiplied.

g. The different types of parallel projections are:
i. Orthographic
ii. Oblique
h. The hidden surface is removed in object space method is by determining the visibility by comparing objects in object space.
i. The role of clipping in graphical package is to is to remove objects, lines, or line segments that are outside the viewing pane.
j. The process used for generating animated images using computer graphics is known as animation.