CG ||old paper solution 2017

5th Semester

  1. List the disadvantage of using light pen.
  •  Light pens are easily damaged.
  • They can only be used on some computer screens
  • They do not work with LCD screens.
  • They usually lack high resolution capability


  1. Write the application of Computer graphics.
  • Education and training
  • Visualization
  • Image processing
  • Entertainment
  1. What do you mean by clipping?

Any procedure that identifies those portions of a picture that are either inside or outside of a specified region of a space is referred to as clipping.

  1. What is buffered image in java 2D?

A buffered image is a type of image whose pixels can be modified. Buffered Image represents image data that is present in memory, unlike Image, which typically represents streaming image data being transferred over a network

  1. Difference between HSV and RGB color model.

Any difference between HSV and RGB color model are as follow :

It is denoted by Hue saturation value color model It is denoted by Red Green Black color model
HSV is a color model that describes colors (hue or tint) in terms of their shade (saturation) and their brightness(value). RGB is an additive color model For computer displays uses light to display color, Colors result from transmitted light.


  1. Write different between parallel and perspective projection.
  • Parallel Projections:
    • The center of projection is at infinity.
    • The projectors are parallel to each other.
  • Perspective Projections:
    • The center of projection is a finite point.
    • The projectors intersect at the center of projection.
  1. What do you means by key frame specification?

Key frame is the detail drawing of the scene at the certain time in the animation sequence.